Best Cult (2008)


What a year its been for the Scientology-watcher. From out of nowhere, the leaderless group Anonymous, the hip new thing among the college-age and computer-literate, suddenly emerged in February to protest L. Ron Hubbards wacky church. Tom Cruises dim co-religionists, meanwhile, obliged with one hilarious gaffe after another. (It doesn't get much better than Scientologys New York honcho, John Carmichael, trying to intimidate one protester by telling himright into a camcorderI smell pussy!) Another highlight was actor Jason Beghes visit in May to Carmichaels building on West 46th Street. The Voice tagged along as Beghe was turned away by Scientologys hired muscle, with youngsters across the street in Guy Fawkes masks chanting: I smell cult! Praise Xenu! Scientology and Anonymous have made alternative religion fun all over again.


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