Best Delivery Boys You Want to Shtup After Work (2008)

Mama's Food Shop

Prudence felt the first throbs of lust blaze into an inferno as she minced toward the elevator in her illegitimate sister's borrowed stilettos, bosoms heaving in ecstasy. "Oh happy day," she cried, for it was lunchtime and she was hungry for the Mama's Food Shop boy delivering her meatloaf. The elevator doors parted and the emancipator of her libido approached. Like the brotherhood before him, the boy from Mama's was a man. Tattooed, pierced, goateed, and sexy, sexy, sexy. Prudence handed him a twenty and, with aching loins, ventured, "I'd like to tip you in the stairwell, after work." Witheringly, he stared at Prudence before returning her change. "We don't bake tarts at Mama's," he said, "and we certainly don't do them." He then got back on the elevator, thinking all the while, that if she was going to bother with open-toe shoes, she could've at least painted her nails candy pink.

Location Details

200 E. Third St.
New York NY 10003


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