Best D.I.Y. Go-Girl, Over 21 (2008)


I am so in awe of SAINT REVEREND JEN MILLER. Her whole life is a work of art. She writes, she acts, she directs, she paints, she makes music, she organizes happenings, she does stand-up comedy, she leads her own religion—all while wearing a pair of elf ears. Reverend Jen may call herself the Patron Saint of the Uncool, but I honestly can't think of anybody cooler. Check out her weekly "anti-slams" at Collective Unconscious, check out her self-published book, Sex Symbol for the Insane, check out her avant-garde porno parody film Lord of the Cockrings. Check out her Web site, where you can buy Reverend Jen beauty kits, calendars, lunchboxes, and men's underwear.


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