Best downtown East Side water walkway (2008)

Cove park

Stretching from (basically) 22nd Street to 18th Street and located under the FDR Drive is this scenic strolling cove park—one of the best places for a breezy, safe, picturesque waterfront walk or jog. Financed and created by Stuy Town (the massive apartment complex), the park gets its name from the lush greenery that lines the path—hedges, flowers, plants, landscaped gardens, and various bushy drooping trees that create an almost nature-tunnel feel. All different kinds of people enjoy the park for its colorful rock- and cement-tiled walkway, its numerous benches, picnic tables—perfect for dining alfresco—its two-lane bike path (safely out of harm's way for the park's many joggers), and its cityscape views of Brooklyn and Queens. One crew surprisingly represented is fishermen, most with four to six poles propped against the guardrail; they sit back on the benches and await their bounty. I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend dining on any three-eyed East River blues, but cheers to those who do. I saw one gent recently who hooked a two-foot-plus leviathan. The park opens at dawn, closes at 11 p.m., and is pet-friendly, provided pets are on a leash.


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