Best Fabio tribute (2008)


Matt Murphy—the genius performer who hits the streets dressed up as a half-penguin/half-chicken character named Chengwin—has dreamed up many a lovely chicken mutant over the years. There is the nefarious Chunk, half chicken/half skunk; the bewitching Chove, half chicken/half dove. There is even the brilliantly inspired Chixon: half chicken, half President Nixon. Our favorite, however, will always be the half-chicken/half-Fabio lothario known as Chabio. A visit to Chabio's website reveals that he hits the weed like a champ, is just as popular with the ladies as his human namesake, and spouts Chabio love-isms that score the chicks by speaking straight to the heart: "Love is like a hair dryer. When it's turned on, it gets extremely hot and makes lots of noise. But always make sure you unplug it before you get in the bathtub, otherwise 50,000 volts of electricity will fry your brain, killing you dead in a matter of seconds." Pure Shakespeare.


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