Best Fairy-Tale Date (2008)


Hand in hand, wander through the CLOISTERS' winding paved paths, feel the balmy breeze, remark how this sylvan environment seems so unlike Manhattan, eye each other furtively. Take your time en route to the Cloisters museum—the one you both heard was built in the '30s and whose chapel was transported stone by stone from Spain. Stroll further into Fort Tryon Park, admiring the Heather Garden, until you reach a stony rampart and gasp at the view of the New Jersey Palisades and the Hudson River, studded with white sails. And then (imagine the setting in sepia-toned wash, soundtrack of piccolo and violin) one of you will get down on your knees and dramatically pop the question. Or if you're not ready for that, smooch in a bumbling fashion before parting awkwardly when you see a disapproving Hasidic family coming your way.


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