Best Fortune Teller (2008)


You can't find a job, you're penniless, enemies surround you, you're an illegal alien, you're impotent, and nobody loves you? TRIBURTY MIRACHURA CHINDOY MUTUBANJOY wants to help. For $40, the soother, psychic, and possessor of valuable millennial secrets—or one of his trusty spiritual assistants—will read your palm and offer advice. Don't be intimidated by the clairvoyant's elaborate getup (feathers, elephant tusks, beads, face paint) or by the colorful Buddhas, saint statues, giant neon tarot cards, small coffins, and bleeding Christ adorning the storefront of El Indio Amazonico's headquarters in Jackson Heights. You may only need some cinnamon, a white handkerchief, miracle water, and your crush's underwear to get your life back in gear.


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