Best Friday-Night Moviegoing Meat Market (2008)

Anthology Film Archives

As a meet-cute backdrop, the Anthology Film Archives has a certain locker-room charm—the musty smell, the linoleum floors, the deserted-pep-rally vibe of the main theater, with its rump-averse bucket seats. But those seats are welded together, so where else do the maneuverings of fellow grumpy bottoms so directly affect your cinema studies? More to the point, Anthology's gratifyingly diverse, esoteric lineups attract hip, fetching Downtown kids; they roam in small packs, and there's always a ringleader—meaning for every patron racing toward center seating before, say, the "Early Works of Hollis Frampton" program, two or three are just humoring a buddy, so their eyes are training elsewhere. Add the theater's Little Red Schoolhouse brick exterior and you've got a veritable horny-teen milieu: Class is dismissed, and the (cute, smart, shy, dorky) kids are alright and out to play.

Location Details

32 Second Ave.
New York NY 10003


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