Best Friend of Jazz (2008)


You can usually recognize MARGARET DAVIS, a denizen of Tonic, the Knitting Factory, and anywhere else the luminaries of "downtown" jazz play, by her titanic, bouffant hair and perpetually blissed-out expression. She wears her own unmistakable creations: The sparkly, plastic disks frame pictures of saxophonist Joe McPhee, pianist Andrew Hill, and any number of other musicians. "Images have special powers and love within them," she tells me. "They're like totems." She pins them on friends and strangers alike. There's only one catch to the free gift: You have to tell whoever asks about the jazz hero on your button. A hardcore fan and music advocate, Davis also publishes Art Attack! The stellar, grassroots webzine boasts the most comprehensive concert listings for the artists installed in her circles.


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