Best Ghosts (2008)


What do you expect from the tiny island that housed the legendary Octagon Tower "asylum for the insane," Blackwell Penitentiary, and the nation's first smallpox hospital? Ghost stories abound on ROOSEVELT ISLAND, the oddly institutional small town within Manhattan. The island was converted in the 1970s to a living community, and since then the restless souls purportedly have little else to do but call on the people who live there. Take Carl Andrews, supposedly a painter, murderer, and Octagon resident during its first years in the 1800s. These days Carl supposedly "moves in" with living artists and paints through them. An unsuspecting friend of mine, having abruptly abandoned her abstract style and picked up classical portraiture, sensed trouble only after her small daughter began delivering messages from "the man who lived in her room," and who promised not to "steal her neck." F train to Roosevelt Island, or 60th Street tramway


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