Best grassroots travel (2008)

Fung Wah

Need to get from the Big Apple to Beantown on 20 bucks? Head down to Chinatown and join the steady line of broke-ass students, hardworking immigrants, and new-age hobos waiting to take the Fung Wah and Lucky Star buses departing for downtown Boston every hour (some every half-hour). The ride is about four, OK, sometimes five hours long and the bathrooms aren't the cleanest, but at $15 one-way (you still have $5 left), paupers can't be choosers. Plus, it beats the cavity search and high costs associated with airline travel. If this sounds like some bootleg illegal travel, it isn't—both companies claim to have approval from the Federal Highway Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation. Ride at your own risk, though: According to news reports, many of the players in the Chinatown bus companies are embroiled in deadly gang wars. Nevertheless, if you're at a stage in your life where comfort is secondary (your butt cheeks start to hurt after the third hour) to cash flow, then this low-budget travel is just for you.


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