Best Hate-Spitting Morning Show (2008)

Miss Jones Morning Show

Hot 97 a/k/a Shot 97 prides itself on being the official home of hip-hop and r&b in the city, and that's probably true; the radio station has owned the heart of the hip-hop generation for over two decades. But the way things are going these days, the station might want to consider embracing its status as the official home of hate. Ever since the Miss Jones Morning Show debuted two years ago, Jonesie and her band of hatin' misfits have been spitting venom through the airwaves like wildfire. Every day from 5 to 10 a.m. you can be sure to hear Miss Jones feeding bigoted crap to the station's loyal listeners. The hate-fest began back in 2004 when Miss Jones aired (for an entire week) a skit that made fun of Asian tsunami victims. The skit prompted massive protests from many communities, but to no avail. Jonesie apologized, was suspended, and kept the hate movin'. Her next victim was union president Roger Toussaint. During the transit strike last winter she told her audience that Toussaint, a West Indian, was a "dumb coconut, who probably doesn't even have a green card." Afterward she enacted a skit where Toussaint was being hauled off kicking and screaming to a boat headed back to Trinidad. Despite several protests, a push to boycott the station, and calls for Jones's termination, Hot 97 remains the number one station for morning grime.


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