Best highway pull-over (2008)

Shore Road pullover

Should you be in need of a remote, fairly private spot adjacent to a local roadway, the Shore Road pullover on the Belt Parkway is made to order. It is reached off the eastbound lanes of the Belt, just before you hit the Verrazano Bridge exit. There is room for about a dozen cars, though on summer evenings more push their way in. You pull in, nose first, facing the narrow strip of park that runs along the bay here. The benches in front are where John Travolta as Tony Manero wooed his sweetheart in Saturday Night Fever, detailing for her the awesome statistics of the Verrazano, the enormous span that looms above. Most visitors never make it to the benches, however, conducting their business—whether it be solitary contemplation, a midnight tryst, an urgent negotiation, or a soul-wrenching confession—in the privacy of the front seat as the rushing tides of the bay sweep past.


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