Best Intimidating Club Impresaria (2008)


Like a Catholic school nun who can impose order with a stern look (because you know she'd rap you across the knuckles with a ruler if it were still legal), LORRAINE GORDON is old school. In her club, the legendary Village Vanguard, there is no talking, no dancing, no eating—in short, no distractions. A Hollywood starlet who shall remain nameless was almost expelled for making out on one of the red leather banquettes. It's all in the service of jazz, and the legends past, present, and future who play in the tiny basement. "For the people who come here," she says, "it's like going to church. They sit very quietly, absorbing the music with such intensity." Like they have a choice. Her late husband Max, the original owner, set up the chapel back in 1935. Village Vanguard, 178 Seventh Avenue South.


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