Best Leather Shop (2008)

Leather Rose

The two proprietors at Leather Rose have done plenty of flashy celebrity outfitting, like what appears to be a gold leather catsuit for Marilyn Manson (a picture hangs on the wall toward the back). Their custom work is amazing (there's a huge photo album of examples), tempting you to fuck it all and spend two paychecks on leather pants made specially for your own ass. But what is most appealing about this small, packed-to-the-gills leather (and jewelry) specialty shop is the courtesy paid to normal, small-time customers. After responding kindly to my grilling them on prices of things they probably suspected I couldn't afford, the attentive personnel offered to adjust for free the sizes of two premade leather cuffs I bought, and took the time to wrap them each in a rad leopard-print box tied with a leather ribbon.


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