Best lesser-known Chinatown (2008)

Brooklyn's Chinatown

Sure, Manhattan's Chinatown may seem like the next best thing to experiencing a Shanghai marketplace firsthand. But it's not the only game in town. In fact, Brooklyn's Chinatown spans nearly 20 bustling blocks on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, making it one of the biggest concentrations of Chinese establishments in the metropolitan area. The neighborhood kicks off with a bang on 45th Street, the site of the #1 Fei Long Market, where you can find Asian fruits and vegetables like lychee (three for $1) and bok choy (89 cents per pound). It ends just as spectacularly at the Sea Town Fish and Meat Market on 58th Street, famous for its live delicacies—frogs ($3.59 per pound), eels ($6.99 per pound), and crabs ($3.50 per pound). Along the way, you can take in the hanging roasted ducks at the eateries, sip on almond bubble tea from the bakeries, or pick up some dried mushrooms at the herb stores. Like any Chinatown, this neighborhood boasts dozens of Asian restaurants, including Vietnamese and Malaysian outposts. The most ambitious, by far, is the sprawling Diamond on Eight, on 60th Street, which specializes in Cantonese recipes: Take your pick of everything from jellyfish with walnuts to shark-fin soup.


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