Best local media show (2008)

In the Papers

Nice work if you can get it: At around 9:40 every weekday morning, one of the NY1 anchors will spend 10 minutes summarizing a few stories from the Daily News, the Post, Newsday, and the Times. Visually, the show eschews glitzy graphics in favor of . . . holding the paper up to the camera. Better yet, it's the host him/herself of In the Papers who's doing the holding, while giving the speed-metal version of the story in question. Heard on one particular morning: "Let's go to page three . . . Rodney Dangerfield's widow is suing his partner . . . " "On page 25 . . . " "Mincing no words, Cindy Adams on World Trade Center: Why I Hate This Lousy Movie' . . . " "On page 39 . . . " "In the business section . . . " Perversely, the hosts don't put any obvious spin on the items. Most moving is when they describe photos ("The picture is of a barefoot woman . . . "), suggesting that the show's real purpose is as a digest for the sight-impaired.


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