Best Manhattan neighborhood in Brooklyn (2008)


Atlantic Yards may yet turn downtown Brooklyn into a soulless new Herald Square, but as of now, the borough's most Manhattanized neighborhood is the 15-square-block area that for several decades has boasted the acronym DUMBO (as in "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass"). Down below Brooklyn Heights, and abutting the remnants of genteel Vinegar Hill, DUMBO is a waterfront mix of reconverted 19th-century factories and mega-warehouses towering over narrow, still-cobblestoned streets. It's as dense as Manhattan, as expensive as Manhattan, as convenient as Manhattan (if you don't mind walking), and will soon be as overbuilt—possibly tomorrow. What DUMBO has that Manhattan doesn't is a residual sense of the industrial picturesque, a nostalgic desolation (galleries and theaters notwithstanding), a main street called "Main Street," and its own strip of East River beach. DUMBO also offers that most narcissistic of New York pleasures—a fantastic view of the skyline.


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