If your Aunt Helen is visiting from Seattle again, and you're none too pleased over this prospect, since, after all, this is a woman who, upon her last visit to New York City, begged off going to the art museums, proclaiming, "Dalí makes me dizzy," have I got a place for you to take her this time. The Waterfront Museum is a barge built in 1914. For many years it was a traveling museum, before taking up permanent residence in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in 1994, where it now serves as a floating classroom, showboat, and art exhibition space all at once. Sundays in June it even morphs into a circus, and it should come as no surprise to you by now that it hosts a concert series in July. So Helen comes, you take her here, she loves it, but alas, she becomes dreadfully seasick, vowing never to return to New York! And meanwhile you've discovered a great hidden treasure. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Location Details

290 Conover St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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