Best New York lawyer not in New York (2008)

Glenn Greenwald

No question that Glenn Greenwald is the winner—not because he's practicing law, and not because he's not practicing law. Greenwald, now living in Brazil and seen mostly on the Salon site, is one of the best political commentators out there. Unlike most other bloggers, Greenwald practices journalism: Witness his great work a couple of months ago on Philip Zelikow's dual role as 9/11 Commission staff director and Bush regime lobbyist. No doubt Greenwald's background as a practicing attorney has helped him become such a good journalist. Few others are better than Greenwald at sussing out the accidental propaganda inflicted on us by the mainstream press—read his August 23 Salon post about the differences between Republicans and Democrats on Iraq, and how those differences are often misreported even by good reporters. Nice past work as a constitutional litigator, Greenwald, but stick to journalism for a while, please.


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