Best One-Stop Shop for Pornography (2008)

Lexus Video/Pleasure Video/No Name/Wild Wild West

Stop dumping on Rudy; filth lives and I can prove it! No, I'm not talking about that place in the corner of my closet, under the old blankets. . . . Well, I guess I am, but an even greater collection of celluloid slut and perverse penis play can be found 24-7 filling the shelves of Brooklyn's new "42nd Street"—the strip of Third Avenue between 36th and 20th streets in Sunset Park—at Lexus Video (122 29th Street, 718-832-5487), Pleasure Video (750 Third Avenue, 718-832-8687), and No Name (761 Third Avenue, 718-768-4166). Don't forget your tokens for the peep booths. A quick hop to Second Avenue brings a slew of topless bars like Wild Wild West (at 39th Street). True, in Manhattan you can still easily purchase your porn at the outdoor market at Astor Place and Cooper Square, but a word to the wise: That just might be your new boss, at, let's say, a famous weekly newspaper, passing by just as you're holding up your latest smut-a-thon, entitled Golden Showers and Underage Puppies! Grrrrowl!


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