Best original punk rocker (2008)

Jimmy Webb

Trash & Vaudeville's Jimmy Webb is a St. Marks Place institution. Webb, the manager and buyer of punk fashion palace Trash & Vaudeville is almost as iconic as the icons from that era. With shaggy bleached blond hair, leather pants (of course), and an eternally optimistic attitude, he makes friends easily. He's come a long way since arriving in the city in the '70s with his belongings in a pillowcase; these days, he dresses everyone from Britney Spears to Alice Cooper to Ashley Simpson. There's even a type of jean on sale at the store called "the Jimmy" (think skintight). Webb will happily help you pick out the perfect lace top for your Madonna Halloween costume, his cheery demeanor at odds with the surly-punk cliché. A longtime mate of Iggy Pop and Steven Tyler, Webb truly has a lust for life. After all, he's got a tattoo on his back that says, "I need more."


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