Best ornery petting zoo (2008)

Prospect Park Zoo

At most petting zoos, you don't have to be much of a charmer to have the beasts quite literally eating out of your hand. You fill that hand with food, you place it near their mouths, they gorge their furry little selves, end of story. But at the petting zoo in the Prospect Park Zoo, the animals are so spoiled by the Maclaren-pushing parents that they will often ignore the handful of kibble you excitedly hold forth. The alpaca may deign to offer you a split-second nuzzle in return for its snack, but the horned goats will butt your hand against the wall of their pen, forcing you to drop the food, so that they can munch at leisure. The nerve! And then there's Aggie the cow, a favorite, whose fractious manner and harrowing black tongue may put you off hamburgers for days.


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