best person to listen to every day from 2 to 6 (2008)


If you don't work days or if you do but you slack hard, tune in 107.5 WBLS to listen to irrepressible gossip wag WENDY WILLIAMS. On an average day, Williams will cough into the mic about 20 times, say ignorant shit in a way that somehow makes sense, apologize for getting too mean, take withering criticism with aplomb, laugh lengthily at her own remarks, talk about how much she loves her son and/or New Jersey, and confer with her oft in-studio producer-husband. She reads faxes from an opinionated (and rabid) fan base; she conducts hilariously intrusive interviews with celebs; she gives advice; she dispels and ignites celebrity rumors. Silly and harsh, Wendy is addictive like Pringles.


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