Best Place For a Cheap But Impressive Date (2008)

Great Hall Balcony Bar

OK, $10 is the Met's suggested admission price. So leave the power of suggestion to the tourists, fork over your $2, and lead your date up to the Great Hall Balcony Bar. Grab a cozy table, order some drinks ($3-$8 each), delve into the gratis (but delicious) crunchy munchies and let the chamber ensemble soothe you into museum tempo. Thus fortified, you will now be in the mood to wander amid 10 millennia of world culture and truly appreciate the quiet, stunning beauty of an oxblood-glazed Qing dynasty porcelain vase or a Terry Winters canvas fresh from Chelsea. (For the artistically challenged, there's always Arms and Armor or the mummies.) Before closing hour, watch the skyline reflect off David Smith's shiny, late-period sculptures up in the Roof Garden, where a cappuccino is just the ticket for resuming street speed. Open Fridays and Saturdays from 4 to 8:30.


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