Best Place for a First Kiss (2008)


Act I: Minerva McNamara and the imperial Darius Finkelstein approached the stairs winding upward to the apartment where she stayed, with its peeling maraschino paint and hula hoop tucked inside the doorjamb. "We should do this again soon," said Darius. "Yes, let's," Minerva lisped, for she was prim and bashful and fond of bonnets. Then Darius tugged her thumb, gently lowering them down to the second stair of her front stoop. And he kissed her. Act II: On a bench the shade of a Granny Smith apple, outside MAGNOLIA BAKERY, sat Beagle and Chun, elbow-to-elbow, so close you couldn't slide a dime between them. Into Chun's mouth Beagle did spoon banana pudding and she swooned. Then she kissed him.


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