Best Place for That First Pivotal Daylight-Hours Sober Date (2008)

Cobble Hill Park

Henrietta was giddy. Theirs was not a dalliance. Oswald had called, and so she would see him again. "Yes, I would love to," she'd said, and so they arranged a second date in Brooklyn in COBBLE HILL PARK. The first meeting had been glorious. Two tart pitchers of sangria, and they'd played pinochle and talked like it was nothing. But it had meant everything, and so this afternoon, Oswald took Henrietta's hand. "I am so pleased you could come," he said, and she kissed his cheek. They sat on a bench in the sun, fringed by four divine carriage houses, all peeling paint and gracious, quirky angles, and Oswald pulled out a crumpled white bag. Henrietta clapped her hands: "Dear, sweet boy." For Oswald had brought scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam from the Sweet Melissa patisserie (276 Court Street, 718-855-3410) a few roads down. Then she knew that she loved him. The end.


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