Best Place to Check Out Nude Girls With Your Girlfriend and not Feel Like a Total Sleaze (2008)


Let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me—and Candy, Natasha, and Carmen. If only, you sigh. I could watch, I retort. You fancy this new communication thing we're doing. A day later, it's prom night (as I reason it to myself) all over again at SCORES—pretty girls in fancy dresses, a yummy buffet, plush seating, and your declaration of undying love. The only catch: The pretty girls (with generous racks) take off their shimmering gowns way before the night is over, and the only reason you're so lovey-dovey is because I buy you a $20 lap dance. Where's the justice? I ask. When we get home, you reply as you reach for another dollar bill.


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