Best Place To Commiserate With Your Friends Over a Breakup (2008)


My Rude Girl Posse spirited me away: "Jilted Gal, come play!" they did say when that dashing architect Señor Laroo bid me adieu, and our huffy poodle, Fu Manchu, too. Before I could count "uno, dos, tres, Cuervo!" we'd taken our emancipation proclamations to the serene, breezy backyard patio of EL REY DEL SOL, strung with twinkling lights and consoling ribbons of cigarette smoke, where we gushed over mango, cantaloupe, and watermelon frozen margaritas. These boozy, sugary, fresh-fruit slushes drank like sherbet firewater, so we sought sustenance from a round of buttery cheese quesadillas, flecked with cilantro and salty guacamole. Then my suffragette sisters and I pondered the vagaries of a broken heart and whether the source of the Nile really is Abyssinia.

Location Details

232 W. 14th St.
New York NY 10011


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