Best place to get murdered, raped, or robbed in the city (2008)

East New York, Brooklyn

Year in, year out, East New York, Brooklyn, is the most violent place in the city. And until the city pulls what it did up in Washington Heights and splits the precinct in two, thus halving the statistics, it looks like it will stay that way. Through September 9, the notorious 75th Precinct, located on Brooklyn's eastern border, again led the city in rapes, assaults, and robberies, and it's tied for first in murders with Brownsville's 73rd Precinct, which in all likelihood is experiencing a spillover effect due to an effort to reduce crime in the Seven-Five by flooding the precinct with cops. Despite two years of "Operation Trident," so far this year there have been 306 more violent crimes reported in East New York than in any other precinct in the city. The good news is that the NYPD's website shows that violent crime is down 2 percent in the 75th Precinct this year compared with 2006, including a 6.4 percent drop in assaults. What isn't listed on the website, however, is that shooting incidents in which people were wounded are up more than 12 percent. The half-full analysis: Baseball-bat and knife attacks must be down. The half-empty take: The CompStat sergeants who monitor and modify criminal complaints need another supply of erasers, fast.


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