Best Place To Get Pinched In An NYPD Cigarette Sting (2008)


Deep in Queens. The fat pig was just reading his tabloid, undercover, on the BEACH CHANNEL OUTDOOR PLATFORM. They dress undercovers like Abercrombie & Fitch boys out here—like tourists. Oblivious, I lit up a cigarette to kill time, and when the next train came, I put it out to get on. "You're not going anywhere," Robert Mallin, the young, hefty transit cop, said, blocking my path to the subway car and flashing a badge. He was pushy. "You ever been in trouble? You ever been locked up?" For smoking?! "Sit down," he said. "Sit the fuck down." I sat down and he served me a summons—$50! Another cop trying to make quota on the natural sins of the public.


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