Best Place to Get Your Pimples Squeezed by Attractive Yet Stern European Women (2008)


Getting a facial is a somewhat masochistic exercise. You pay a lot of money for someone to decide that your skin is in terrible shape, strap you in a small claustrophobic room with steam blasting on your nose, your hands wrapped in gooey cream and stuck in hot glove warmers. And then, to make matters more humiliating, they pop your zits for you, and you don't even get the satisfaction of watching the stuff ooze out because they blindfold you with wet towels. Why suffer this way under the watch of anyone but the most attractive women with thick accents and perfect skin? At MONIQUE K SKIN CARE INCORPORATED, the blonde Eastern European ladies are never rude or judgmental about your epidermal state. Visiting them feels a bit like visiting a dominatrix.


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