Best place to ogle firm young farm boys (2008)

Union Square Greenmarket

The city guy who perfects his broad chest and bulging arms by way of a membership at Crunch trades in, it might be argued, a tiny bit of manliness in the process. (There's something just a tad unappealing about a dude doing crunches in front of a mirror.) The Union Square Greenmarket gives New Yorkers back many things we've lost to "progress": untainted brussels sprouts, heirloom tomatoes, and not least, real men—chiseled and tanned thanks to good old-fashioned manual labor. Watch them lift those heavy crates of apples and squash, pushing unkempt hair off slightly sweaty brows, squinting in the midday sun. Their tissue-thin T-shirts cling to well-developed lats and pecs. These guys don't ever pick up their dry cleaning, order a burger without a bun, take cabs, or put "product" in their hair. They're 100 percent organic.


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