best place to see columbia girls strip under fake names (2008)


"I never slapped my own ass at TEN'S," one seasoned stripper confesses of this decidedly upscale "world class cabaret" where her undergrad co-workers included a Columbia economics major with a $200 wig, an "All-American" look, and the requisite spike heels and sheddable "cocktail" dress. "The food, the fun, the fantasy" is the slogan at this well-organized, three-stage joint; just prepare to run into people on your lap-dancing shift like your corporate brother-in-law out with the "team" or dudes who can't believe you know the names of their prep school—and if you're a customer, don't treat "Heather" like an idiot.

Location Details

35 E. 21st St.
New York NY 10010


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