Best place to smoke a hookah with your mom (2008)


You know your mom has it in her—a little remnant of party girl occasionally sneaks out—but she keeps herself under control for the most part. What you need to do is bring her to Mamlouk for dinner. Just tell her you heard they have great Middle Eastern food, which is true, but act surprised when the waiter asks if you want to smoke from a hookah. This way, you can all laugh and spontaneously say, "Oh, why not?" It's not like they're serving hash, after all. Think of it as an exotic dessert. A worldly experience. The hookahs are packed with an herbal substance, not tobacco, and are therefore allowed by City Hall. They are available in flavors that include strawberry, apple, vanilla, and coconut. It's all pretty innocent, Mom. Until you stand up to leave and realize how delightfully light-headed you are.


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