Best Place To Take The Guy From Yoga Class (2008)


Swanky but socially conscious, hip but healthy, TSAMPA is the ideal post-yoga destination. The brightly colored "Free Tibet" stickers stuck to the door belie the sleek, dimly red-lit interior. The walls are clad with handmade rugs, and Buddha overlooks your meal approvingly. Because the dishes are made "largely from organic produce," you feel like you can gorge on momos (steamed or fried dumplings served with red or green hot sauce) and carrot juice and walk away feeling spiritually and physically fit. Perhaps because the cuisine is remarkably blander than that of its geographic neighbors, it doesn't feel as heavy. However, I did overdo it a bit on the Tse Shogo Ngopa (a potato, garlic, and ginger dish served with Tibetan bread). And no matter how many breathing exercises and tree poses I did afterward I still felt full.


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