Best Place To View Both Peep Shows and Avant-Garde Theater (2008)


Giuliani's campaign to end fun in the city, though painfully thorough in most respects, was not completely successful. A beacon of bawdy behavior in Times Square since the porn-riffic heyday of 1975, SHOW WORLD took a few punches from the 60-40 law but didn't get knocked out. Yes, the Live Nude Girls are gone, according to a stern handwritten sign in the window. But along with the video peeps, patrons can now get their cultural fix in the Nada Show World Theater, a renovated strip hall with the pole still in the ceiling. Recent performances have dealt with sex-related topics, naturally, but still represent a Rudy-approved alternative to the naughty nudity of yesteryear.

Location Details

671 8th Ave. (btn 42nd & 43rd)
New York NY 10036


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