Best Places to End a Date As Quickly as You Can (2008)

Angelika Film Center and Café/Nha Trang

Roger Lodge, host of Blind Date, so silkily ridicules the show's tortured love matches that you forgive his electric beach sheen when he trots out infractions committed between go-carting and baking bread. Watch the show and learn to abbreviate any date. Here are my devices. Angelika Film Center and Café (18 West Houston Street, 212-995-2000) is transparently hoity-toity, which can buttress your cause. You'll be at the movies, so no talk. Eat at the café, so you don't have to dine a deaux later. Hopefully, your date will dismiss you for ever suggesting this sanctuary for the affected. Nha Trang (87 Baxter Street, 212-233-5948) in Chinatown is a cheap Vietnamese dive where the antiseptic decor features fluorescent lighting and a jury-duty clientele. Food is spectacular and slapped on your table five minutes after ordering. Dinner takes a half-hour and alcohol isn't served, so no booze to manufacture the warm cozies.


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