Best Ploy Pulled by Club Owners (2008)


When Crobar's Callin Fortis and Ken Barilich testified in front of the community board last spring, they gave a lot of the same demonstrations that any business owner would give. They talked about how the area would be affected by increased traffic and how they would assist the community in keeping the area clean. But toward the end of the meeting, a man with a bald head wearing long, flowing robes walked to the front. No, not the Dali Lama, but the next best thing: a Tibetan Monk—the venerable NICHOLAS VREELAND, a liaison for the Tibet Center on 32nd Street—came to testify on behalf of the Crobar boys. He offered, "I guess I'm here to represent the spiritual side of Crobar." It worked: the club is due to open in the fall.


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