Best Pre-Date Store for Wild NYC Folk (2008)


Get ready for the wildest fucking date of your short, fast life. With RICKY'S help, it'll be a bit like Nickelodeon's Double Dare (same amount of slime, different source). First, slap on some Slut lip balm and yank your hot-pink fishnets up to your knees, then dye your hair and pin on that leopard-print cowboy hat, now iron a "VAMP" patch onto your fur daisy dukes and glue on some fake silver lashes. Where're you going? Honey, you ain't done! You think this date is going to end with a kiss goodnight? Get your ass back here and grab some bath toys, candles, glowing stickers, a "Do Not Disturb" doorknob plate, a couple of cheap costumes and disposable tattoos, and a spiked collar. Now, you're finally ready for . . . the Fantasy Room, where you'll buy all types of nasty toys for adult pleasure. Before the seen-it-all cashier totals your bill, grab a rainbow flag and disposable camera—hey, what's that smell? A second date, Ma. 590 Broadway and other locations.


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