Best Promoter of Lady-Friendly Downtown Lounge Parties (2008)


Although you can't major in "Party Diva" at an Ivy League school, once SORAYA graduated, she hit the ground running as a Manhattan club promoter. Before forming Wild & Peaceful Productions with her partner Sauce, she became an innovator within several multi-culti, multi-generational underground party crews, including the Pro Deuce team behind the now legendary Bang the Party events. Soraya helped create several popular floating hot spots, including "Venus" and "Lovely" at 2i's as congenial, joyously kinetic happenings distinguished by a distinct lack of the heavy-handed horn-dog contingent (whether gay or straight) and thus pioneering a uniquely intellectual and female-friendly environment for the music, art and media-savvy set. Her current salon is called Fridays at Midway: 145 Charles Street; for weekly updates, contact


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