Best Public Displayer of an Obsession (2008)


The tragic sinking of the Titanic marked the end of JOSEPH COLLETTI's favorite era, but its graciousness lives again in his Long Island City yard. Although the outside of his home is also florid with cupids, hummingbirds, Christmas lights, and American flags, the doomed ship dominates. Both windows are covered over with photographs of the vessel and her crew, and important facts about the "LARGEST OBJECT EVER BUILT BY MAN" are spelled out in metallic, stick-on letters. To the left of the unnecessary identifying sign—"TITANIC HOUSE-1912"—a sea captain and a cupid stand side by side holding glowing lanterns, as if to guide you into this haven of nostalgia. A giant thermometer reminds you to be grateful that you are not bobbing in an iceberg-filled sea.


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