Best reason to become a gearhead again (2008)

Rumblers Car Club

Founded by Agnostic Front's Roger Miret, theRumblers Car Club has a bare-knuckled approach to hot rods that separates it from other car clubs. Rumblers don't trailer their precious cars; they drive the shit out of them. And while the focus is pre-'64 vehicles, no one is very interested in stock. Each car is modified to meet the needs of its maker, which might account for the aggressive matte-black finish on most Rumblers' vehicles. Custom paint jobs are not cheap, and cheaper is better, especially when you actually drive your car in the city. The Rumblers started in New York in 1996, expanding to seven chapters in the U.S. and one in Hamburg, Germany. Every year, members from each chapter descend on Brooklyn for the "Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills" car show. Held in the parking lots under the BQE, this show is not for the casual day-tripper. The cars line up like hungry land sharks; the expressway roars; billows of exhaust escape from passing semis as the Rumblers catch up with old friends and new girls. It's a little gritty, a little greasy, and a whole hell of a lot of fun. Union Pool usually hosts several night of bands, beer, and bathrooms for those daunted by day three in the Porta Pottis.


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