Best reason to miss the N train (2008)

Saw Lady

When you're stuck on a subway platform listening to some 22-year-old recent college grad (who probably grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut) abusing a guitar and trying to sing like Bob Dylan, you almost consider walking home. But when you're lucky enough to catch Natalia Paruz, a/k/a the Saw Lady, a gross-smelling Union Square station suddenly becomes more appealing than your living room. Paruz's warped and wonderful musical-saw performances are completely mesmerizing—there's something about the way the music swirls that makes you feel completely weightless and serene. Paruz puts so much feeling into the way she bends notes, whether she's playing Mozart or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and her sunny smile could soften the hardest heart. You can usually find her underground at Union Square, but she's been known to station-hop.


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