Best Restaurant for Getting Pumped for a Show at the Garden (2008)

Kabooz's Bar & Grille

The immediate area around "the world's most famous arena" doesn't have many obvious dining choices, but if you go down into Penn Station and walk past the LIRR entrance, you'll notice an establishment that's just right for the evening. Since opening in 1997, Kabooz's Bar & Grille has served American-bistro cuisine with appropriate music to go along with it. While tearing into a strip steak or BBQ ribs, you might hear the familiar strains of the act that you're about to see at Madison Square Garden. It's no accident they've played blocks of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, Van Halen, George Michael, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Cher, Kenny Chesney, and Barbara Streisand on the same night these mega-entertainers play the arena. While the stars themselves haven't dined there yet, Kabooz manager Joel Myrie assures the artists that they'd get a special meal if they did show up.

Location Details

2 Penn Plaza
New York NY 10001


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