Best Rodent to Have at a Party (2008)


The family reunion wasn't going too well. Grandpa and Aunt Eileen were arguing about gun control, Grandma was complaining that nobody was eating her turkey casserole, and Cousin Lucille's new baby wouldn't stop crying. Then, in walked long-lost Uncle Charlie with his "date," an eight-foot-tall (high heels and ears included) overweight gay man in a skintight blue bunny suit. That sure livened things up. Once he had a few cocktails in him, SCOTTY THE BLUE BUNNY started humping Grandpa and pinching Aunt Eileen's ass. He told some dirty jokes, did a few magic tricks, and then made Uncle Charlie pretend to give him a blowjob. Scotty the Blue Bunny, will you join my family, please?


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