Best route from Queens to the Williamsburg Bridge (2008)

Own a car?

Live downtown? Own a car? Hungry? You are not alone. Where best to eat? Queens, of course—specifically the pan-Asian paradise that is Broadway between Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Boulevard, right off the Broadway exit of the BQE, with the best spots beyond Elmhurst Hospital. For Malaysian there's Taste Good, 82-18 45th Avenue, and I've always wanted to try the Vietnamese that shares Takrai Thai's minimall at 82-80 Broadway. But once stuffed, don't return via the BQE. It'll take you longer to find the cunningly concealed entrance than to drive straight past anomalously lawn-graced Episcopal and Reformed churches across Queens Boulevard onto Grand Avenue. Gape at Maspeth, a white working-class enclave that vies with anything on Staten Island, as well as a federally designated NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community), before crossing Newtown Creek, which bisects one of the weirdest industrial neighborhoods in the five boroughs—an eerie, desolate landscape dominated by the former Brooklyn Union Gas Company. Grand Avenue transmutes into Grand Street, and lickety-split you're on the main drag of Hispanic Williamsburg and then the bridge. Next time you'll go out that way too.


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