Best Spot for First Post-Sex Sunday Brunch (2008)


Why, on a Sunday morning in Boerum Hill, Henrietta's bedroom should smell like lemon verbena and cough drops Oswald could not say. Still, when he awoke to the recollection of their torrid gropings from the night before, Oswald felt the fevered throbbing pangs of lust renewed. Henrietta, on the other hand, was ravenous only for espresso and her beloved New York Times. So as ardent first-time lovers are wont to do, they compromised on brunch at RED RAIL, the coziest, quaintest breakfast nook in Carroll Gardens. There, amid artifacts of diner Americana—were they in Austin?—Oswald and Henrietta snuggled into the same side of a window seat; ordered coffee, cranberry juice, and bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and tomato; and wistfully wondered over home fries (diced, not shredded) when the appropriate hour for an afternoon "nap" might be.


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