Best spot for wedding photos (2008)

Fulton Ferry Landing

Witness the Just Married, a rare breed often found on weekends at Fulton Ferry Landing, which overlooks the Lower Manhattan skyline across the East River. The female of the species is usually ornamented in a white gown, sparkly headgear, and face paint. It is not odd to see her male counterpart wearing a more sedate—and somber—black-and-white suit. They exhibit great joy when first observed in this natural habitat, where they congregate in droves to document their respective unions before photographers. They pose for spontaneous-looking pictures by gazing at one another tenderly or laughing at nothing in particular. This activity usually involves tilting their heads in uncomfortable positions or moving awkwardly in a certain direction. A small entourage, collectively known as Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, trails them. The females wear bright, sometimes garish, dresses and seem easily excitable. The males, who don similar clothing as the Just Married males, mill about uninterested. Come and observe.


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