Best Spots to Get Over Being Dumped (2008)

F Train/Bouche Bar/Central Park

You're fretting your libido might atrophy from a grievous lack of play, so exile Dumpsville and give these places a try. The F Train entices "cute girls I wouldn't throw out of bed for eating crackers," says my friend Chris. The lads are also smoking, but eyeball their Times more than you. This line crosses Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, so chances to dally could triple. Jimmy, the bartender at the Bouche Bar (540 East 5th Street, 212-475-1673), is a cynical moppet whose vodka gimlets are as good and tart as his love counsel. Bouche, with its doughy, velvet couches, is a neighborhood boîte with Regal Beagle patina. And since breaking up has you feeling like the freak of the week, go to Central Park, where the disco bladers will trump you in the bizarro department. They're a tacky, happy, madcap lot and should inspire you to quit that introspective bunk.


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